The Unfolding of the Creative Process in Jewellery Design


In about October last year I was wondering through a craft store and came across some mini walnuts.  I fell in love with them, not knowing why I bought them and put them away in a drawer.  This is what happens quite a lot … if I have an instinct to get something when I see it, I do – often not even knowing why I’m doing it.  The combination of intuition and trust at it’s best.

Some months passed, and I nearly forgot I had them.  Then I was wondering through the fields watching the changes in nature, as you do, well I do anyway … and I spotted the yearly fall of acorn hats.  I love acorn hats, and am constantly drawn to them – they encase the seeds of life!   I picked up one’s that I was particularly drawn to and took them back to the studio, my mind already busy at work with what I was going to do with them… the creative buzz was triggered.

And so then these beautiful caps were born …

Acorn Walnut Necklace © Elizabeth Shewan Lunar Treasures 2016 4

I did not arrive at this design immediately.  I originally wanted to use some form of crystal as the seed.  However, I could not find one natural enough or the right shape and size that worked as I had envisaged.   It was at this point that I remembered I had hidden away some walnut seeds – which then fitted perfectly into the hats that I had collected and turned into fine silver caps.

This is how most of my work is created.  Because creating is my life I have room to allow this process into my work which continues to grow through the years.  I have had 17 years (at the point of writing this article) of creative growth to get to this point.  17 years ago I was painting canvas’s the size of an average kitchen table … and over the years I have got smaller and smaller, bringing sculpture into the mix about 12 years ago, which has naturally progressed into the making of now very mini sculptures in the form of jewellery.  It’s been a wonderful journey – I hope you find it inspiring!


Liz Shewan Artist signature website small


© Lunar Treasures, Jewellery Designer Elizabeth Shewan.

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