Angel Messages


Angel Steps © Liz Shewan 2018 Artist finished side

When I create my pieces there are several different ways that inspiration strikes. Over the years I have been quite closed in my explanations about my work, sometimes feeling as if I am prising myself open to express in words the message behind each piece when I do. When asked to explain a painting I am often torn between feeling it’s meaning needs to be left to it’s own devices to explain itself and between opening up to the depths of the process with you and shining a light on the inner workings of my creative world and the part of the universe I converse with.  Now, as you follow my journey that I show you through my Monthly Spotlight you will learn more about these things bit by bit.


A Vision


The angel footsteps in this painting came to me in a dream vision, which is often the way I start a painting.  I get them at different times, often when I am intent on a journey, or  you could say even a mission.  I don’t know when they are going to come, they just arrive.  I know when it is one for a painting, it runs like a film across my eyes.  Most odd in a way, but it just is the way it is.

As I watched this particular ‘film’ for ‘Angel Steps’ I was led down a path of little footsteps nestled in the ground.  But these were not just footsteps made in muddy ground, they were made of  stone, as if they had been left many millions of years ago.  I knew when I saw them that they were messages from the angels who had once walked upon this earth, it was just a feeling I had.  These footsteps showed themselves to me as if they were reemerging somehow in this timeline/lifetime to encourage us to keep the faith.


Trusting the Process


That was all I was shown at first, but I did ‘know’ that there was more.  This again is often the way of it – I must trust the process.  I knew I was being showed part of a painting, and I knew I had to start by mapping out the path of the angels that I had seen. So that is what I did – I gathered my materials, instinctively being drawn to the same format as all in this series so far – a square 30x30cms canvas board, acrylics and pens… and then I began.


One Step at a Time


As I started sketching in the feet I was lead up to a single gold rose standing on a precipice as if a silhouette it was surrounded by the vast warmth and light of the sun.  For me the golden rose symbolizes your lasting love of all that is, and holds a reminder your love is unique and eternal – far reaching.  The sun only magnifies this essence, expanding it into peace and harmony, contentment, wisdom and compassion for all that is.  A bit woo woo for some, but a very beneficial vibration to aspire to and hold.  It offers protection and direction after all.




As I looked around in awe at what I was seeing I could see butterflies breathing in the scent of the rose, shimmering in their own dignity.  For me they are here to remind us that we have deep transcendent energies within us.  This can not only help us to transform the shadow within us into light, but we can also help others transform too.   The light of the golden sun reaching out aids us through the process of this purification of self.


Celestial Messages


Bringing all the elements of this painting together speaks of one pure message from the gods – the clear message here is to remind us to ground the celestial messages we receive into the earth so that you can make a difference in the physical – so important. After all, what’s the point if you can’t bring messages from the gods into this reality.  For centuries past we have done so, and to forget to do so now would be like cutting off from the creator of all things and allowing ourselves and our world to die around us.

How Angel Steps Comes


This painting, be it slightly different to the others, is also one in my Series ‘When Nature Speaks, Listen to Her Wisdom’. It is painted using acrylic on acid-free 30x30cms cotton canvas with imitation Gold Leaf. It is framed in a beautiful white box frame using acrylic glass for several reasons; to make it lighter in weight – this helps with hanging and also helps when posting the pieces to you … they are cheaper to send and also safer to send this way, making it easier for me to ship all over the world to you. You can always replace it with museum glass once you have received it – many of my clients have done so and are very pleased with the results.  At the date of this article this original painting is up for sale for £285.00 plus postage and packaging.  If you would like to buy contact me directly.


Helping Others Transform


As well as painting I do help others to transform from anxiety and stress to peace and well being.  If you would like to know more please visit my healing page.  If you have any questions please just contact me directly.

Bye for now,

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© Liz Shewan, all rights reserved 2018.

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