Art by Liz Shewan on Auction from 6th to 9th December 2018

Just a small selection of the beauties up for Auction. Come and Join Us!

I’ll keep this short and sweet! … I have an Art Auction starting on the 6th December at 6pm … stunning beauties can be sent directly to your door without having to log them around during the busy Christmas streets … are you coming?  Biddings starts from just £18 and up!

Come and Join Us at the Event on Facebook here.

If you don’t like to use Facebook, as I know many of you don’t, ANONYMOUS BIDDING is available.  Please contact me via private message on Facebook or email me at and I will place the bid for you in the comments section. Bare in mind that bidding this way there may be a slight delay due to possible technical difficulties. Also please note that I do NOT accept bids from people bidding on behalf of a third party.

Take a look at the Rules and How To’s here.

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