Art Exhibition at Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Kingcombe Centre | Oct 1999

October 1st to October 31st

10am to 4pm Daily

I am delighted to announce that I will be showing a selection of my work from paintings, drawings, cards, photographs, sculptures and jewellery at this show for the whole month of October. A perfect time to visit the centre if you are into mushroom hunting, and a great way to consider Christmas gifts under one roof too. See a sample of everything I do under one roof … especially good for those that have so far only seen things on the internet… I am constantly told that, even though things look amazing on the computer screen, everything is even better seen in the flesh!


Hares emanate the essence of love, fertility and abundance into our lives. Hares also have this wonderful ability to move FAST! … and it’s this energy that we can pick up and use to help us move with quick agility between paths that we decide to take in life, and move us away from danger if necessary. I find the hare rather wise in this way.


If you are drawn to a badger it’s spirit shows you that you are a determined person, or the presence of it in your life will help you to become so. They can help our unconscious thoughts come to reality thus helping us find clarity . Tap into their energy to experience no confusion or indecisiveness in your life. They will help you to find it within you to know what to do and decide upon plans to make it happen.

You will find copper things on show…
… and silver things on show.
And one or two large abstract pieces up on show too!

So put the dates in your diary and come along and have a look.

I will be there for a day at some point so that you can come and meet me too, so keep any eye on my Facebook Page so that you don’t miss when I’ll be there!

Any questions just ask.

Bye for now,
Liz ❤️

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