Permanent Art Exhibition at Cygnet Gallery in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

Open daily

10am to 4.30pm.

The Cygnet Gallery Reopens on 1st July

We’re excited to announce the reopening of The Cygnet Gallery on Wednesday 1st July. We are busy putting measures in place for the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team.  We look forward to welcoming you from 1st July.

I have a small selection of my work on display at The Cygnet gallery in Shaftersbury. You will find small election of my work from paintings, drawings, cards, and sculptures. I am there once a week in person so if you would like to meet me to see one of my pieces, or pick up something you have bought from me in person then this is the perfect place to meet me. Please contact me to find out when I will be there, it varies every week.

This is of course a perfect opportunity to see my work in the flesh … especially good for those that have so far only seen things on the internet… I am constantly told that, even though things look amazing on the computer screen, everything is even better seen in the flesh!

My show area changes quite frequently as things sell and I need a refresh.
I cannot guarantee what I will have up on show (this is the work I have up as of February 14th 2020) so if you are planning on visiting to see something specific then please do contact me to discuss. If I do not have it hanging in the gallery I can bring it along at an agreed time for you to see in the flesh.

Any questions just ask.

Bye for now,
Liz ❤️

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